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Sunday, 18 December 2011

♥ Gamsahamnida on Gag Concert KBS

Idk what to post so I just posted this...

Sorry I got this entries on another web so I just copied it and pasted it! Too lazy to translate it... My heart tickled when I watched this..

-upgraded version

ada miahamnida (I’m sorry) dgn kechasimida (it’s ok)

1. kawan demam. Letak kain kat dahi.rupa2nya tu kain buruk.Trus miahamnida
2. tgh sunyi. Nmpk sorg pompuan rambut pjg lalu. Trus tegur nk mintak no fon.rupa2nya tu Kim Taewon (qualifications of men).trus miahamnida.hehe
3. famili kata nk global,so semua org kena ckp English. Esoknya trus semua org xbercakap lgsg. sbb semua xreti.so miahamnida.  Then trus kechasimnida(its ok), sbb dia kata nak belajar guna textbook. Bukak buku trus tertido.member bg lg buku porno lain,trus segar mata n sebut “nice..” hampeh.hehe

-kamsahamnida in drama
lovers in paris. Tgh gado bf/gf. Bf marah nape xpenah ckp I love u. gf pun sebut. Rupanya nafas busuk.tu yg xpenah ckp.bf trus bg chewing gum. Trus kamsahamnida.

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12/18/2011 07:45:00 pm

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