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Sunday, 18 December 2011

♥ Iffy Issue on Gag Concert KBS!

There're some iffy issues I wanna told you. I got it on Gag Concert. Watch it, the funniest solving team I've ever seen.

Q : What is the difference between being fat and being chubby? ( It's very iffy right? ngee~)

A : when you're sitting you can feel your belly merged out, omo how should i say this...So, its not considered fat! You're just being chubby... hehe
A:  Sooo when you're standing but your belly still merged out then, you're considered FAT!

Q : What's the difference between a mania and an addict? ( iffy right )

A :  when you're on the computer or something and you r about to pee, then u go to the toilet to do so. Soo, u're a mania. But..
A : If u hold yr bladder and still on the computer, you're an ADDICT!

Q : In marriage, what is considered as NEWLYWED? ( they explain better than me )

A : Hehe. Pretend that one of the couple is in the toilet and the toilet paper has run out. Then, if the other person hand the toilet paper without peeking, it's considered as NEWLYWED. but if the person just enters the toilet to give the toilet paper then they're no longer considred as newlywed. lol

Q : The difference between medical treatment and plastic surgery 

A : Erm, how should I explain this. If yr face become prettier, then it's med. treatment 
A : But if yr life changes, then it's  PLASTIC SURGERY.

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12/18/2011 07:38:00 pm

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      ❤ The name's Francie. My chinese name is Fei Lan Xi but simply call me CieCie.
      ❤ I'm 14.
      ❤ Born on September 30th somewhere in Borneo and currently residing in a small town.
      ❤ Favorites : Outside Dining, Picnic, Karate, Piano n Guitar, Reading
      ❤ Loves Chatting, Facebooking, Blogging, Habbo-ing, Gossiping, Dancing, K-pops
      ❤ Doesn't Like Lady Gaga, Self-centered boys, over-popular girls, Blabbering Friends
      ❤ A blogger, student, daydreamer and a quiet girl.
      ❤ Loves Poison and Candy Apple Books, Meg Cabot and Erin Bow's Books.
      ❤ Somehow addicted to K-pops
      Do enjoy ! BB!

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