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Sunday, 5 February 2012

♥ Bad...bad ppl in the whole wide world!!

Today was so shit...sh*t like hell.. the problems started when  i want so badly  to connect myy stupid iphone to itunes , the one my mom bought for me last year.. it all began when my laptop started making fuss about not being able to install the iphone software.. by that, itunes wont recognize it.. i want so badly to download some apps from itunes tht i spent hours searching for ways how to make itunes recognize it.. after hours of surfing the internet and trying.. I found out i got the clone @ fake iphone from china.. haha.. how horrible was tht my stomach flipped thousands of time i barely want to throw tht stupid fake iphone into the toilet.... mybe tht's y itunes cannot detect it... stupid chinese ppl... i hate u for eternity...!!!!!

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2/05/2012 08:26:00 pm

Sunday, 18 December 2011

♥ Merry Christmas !

 I hope to see u snow.. ( someday )  

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Yeah It’s a bit early for those not on GMT +8, but what the heck :D. Lord is coming! yay.. 
Hope it’s been a good year for all my friends, families, acquaintances and I hope y’all won’t be getting coals from Santa ;).
Look forward for next year esp my PMR years.
Till then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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12/18/2011 08:11:00 pm

♥ Gamsahamnida on Gag Concert KBS

Idk what to post so I just posted this...

Sorry I got this entries on another web so I just copied it and pasted it! Too lazy to translate it... My heart tickled when I watched this..

-upgraded version

ada miahamnida (I’m sorry) dgn kechasimida (it’s ok)

1. kawan demam. Letak kain kat dahi.rupa2nya tu kain buruk.Trus miahamnida
2. tgh sunyi. Nmpk sorg pompuan rambut pjg lalu. Trus tegur nk mintak no fon.rupa2nya tu Kim Taewon (qualifications of men).trus miahamnida.hehe
3. famili kata nk global,so semua org kena ckp English. Esoknya trus semua org xbercakap lgsg. sbb semua xreti.so miahamnida.  Then trus kechasimnida(its ok), sbb dia kata nak belajar guna textbook. Bukak buku trus tertido.member bg lg buku porno lain,trus segar mata n sebut “nice..” hampeh.hehe

-kamsahamnida in drama
lovers in paris. Tgh gado bf/gf. Bf marah nape xpenah ckp I love u. gf pun sebut. Rupanya nafas busuk.tu yg xpenah ckp.bf trus bg chewing gum. Trus kamsahamnida.

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12/18/2011 07:45:00 pm

♥ Iffy Issue on Gag Concert KBS!

There're some iffy issues I wanna told you. I got it on Gag Concert. Watch it, the funniest solving team I've ever seen.

Q : What is the difference between being fat and being chubby? ( It's very iffy right? ngee~)

A : when you're sitting you can feel your belly merged out, omo how should i say this...So, its not considered fat! You're just being chubby... hehe
A:  Sooo when you're standing but your belly still merged out then, you're considered FAT!

Q : What's the difference between a mania and an addict? ( iffy right )

A :  when you're on the computer or something and you r about to pee, then u go to the toilet to do so. Soo, u're a mania. But..
A : If u hold yr bladder and still on the computer, you're an ADDICT!

Q : In marriage, what is considered as NEWLYWED? ( they explain better than me )

A : Hehe. Pretend that one of the couple is in the toilet and the toilet paper has run out. Then, if the other person hand the toilet paper without peeking, it's considered as NEWLYWED. but if the person just enters the toilet to give the toilet paper then they're no longer considred as newlywed. lol

Q : The difference between medical treatment and plastic surgery 

A : Erm, how should I explain this. If yr face become prettier, then it's med. treatment 
A : But if yr life changes, then it's  PLASTIC SURGERY.

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12/18/2011 07:38:00 pm

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

♥ Peaceful Yoga ^^

*I don't know why I have a low metabolism body. My weight keep gaining.*
I don't know why I'm so eager to attend a yoga class. I've always wanted to join a yoga class in my youth stage since I join a karate class. I think my body likes to bend around, doing splits, stretching and etcetera . The problem is I don't even know if there's even a yoga class in my town. Hence I cannot join one. But hopefully someday I will be. ^^ ( Fingers-crossed ) *Don't know y i'm writing this*

Gawd, look how amazing this is. My body keeps " craving " for these kind of exercises. Till then, I will jst do the basics. ( don't know y i'm writing this either )     

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12/14/2011 01:30:00 am

Sunday, 11 December 2011

♥ The saddest story/drama I've ever seen/watched ( Scent Of a Woman )

>> Scent Of A Woman

Cast --
- Kim Sun Ah, Lee Dong Wook, Seo Hyo Rim, Shin Ji Soo, Uhm Ki Joon

A woman, Lee Yeon Jae, is given the grim prognosis that she only has a short time left to live. She decides to quit her job at a travel agency and live her life to the fullest.

First episode -- I smiled.
2nd episode -- I pout my lips.
3rd episode -- I cried.
4th episode -- I sobbed ( Need a tissue box ). Lol @~@

Lmao, this drama moved my heart. It is so wonderful and it is worth watching.  

>> My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox ( Hilarious )

Cast :--
- Lee Seung Ki, Shin Min Ah, Hyo Min, Park Soo Jin, No Min Woo

Lee Seung Ki is a man who meets a girl and falls in love with her. The girl is actually a gumiho, a legendary fox with nine tails that eats the livers of humans. When he finds out that she is a gumiho, he ends up doing crazy things to prevent the girl from eating his liver.

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12/11/2011 08:03:00 pm

♥ Running Man ( Coolest n Funniest Variety Show on Earth )

❥ Running Man SBS Every Friday Channel 393 ( Malay subtitles )--- Download or stream at iSUBS-squad.com ( English subtitles ) ;-D

Cast :--
- Yu Jae-Suk, Kang Gary A.k.a Ga Sshi, Haha ( Donghun ) A.k.a Haroro, Ji Suk Jin A.k.a Big Nose Hyung, Kim Jong Kook A.k.a The Commander, Lee Kwang Soo A.k.a Tall Tree, Song Ji-hyo A.k.a Ace Jihyo ( All present )
- Lizzy ( After School ) , Song Jong Gi ( Ex- Members)   

Running Man Fighting!!! 런닝얜 파이팅!!!
Thanks for your hard work SEUMDWA 슴돠.........

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12/11/2011 07:42:00 pm

♥ A few things about Me. ;

      Oh. Hello. Please Follow My Blog! *bites*.

      ❤ The name's Francie. My chinese name is Fei Lan Xi but simply call me CieCie.
      ❤ I'm 14.
      ❤ Born on September 30th somewhere in Borneo and currently residing in a small town.
      ❤ Favorites : Outside Dining, Picnic, Karate, Piano n Guitar, Reading
      ❤ Loves Chatting, Facebooking, Blogging, Habbo-ing, Gossiping, Dancing, K-pops
      ❤ Doesn't Like Lady Gaga, Self-centered boys, over-popular girls, Blabbering Friends
      ❤ A blogger, student, daydreamer and a quiet girl.
      ❤ Loves Poison and Candy Apple Books, Meg Cabot and Erin Bow's Books.
      ❤ Somehow addicted to K-pops
      Do enjoy ! BB!

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